NFT & Art

NFT & ART: What Creators and Collectors Need to Know

The latest sensation to hit the art world in decades isn’t an artist, some would say it isn’t even really art. It’s NFTs, and they’re transforming creators, curators, and online traders into serious investors with multi-million dollar portfolios almost overnight.“What in the world is an NFT?” you may ask.The answer to
How to protect your art from mold

How To Save Your Art From Mold

Tips From Art Conservators About Preventing Mold Damage on Paintings Being in the know can be crucial to prevent mold damage on paintings, especially in a humid environment such as South Florida. Whether you are an art lover, a seasoned investor, or a museum curator, knowing how mold grows is the
How Art Conservators Clean Paintings

How an Art Conservator Cleans Paintings: Technologies and Modalities.

Art Conservators are highly trained professionals who use chemistry and artistic mastery to bring paintings back to th onals who use chemistry and artistic mastery to bring paintings back to their original glory. eir original glory.In this video, you will learn how art conservators clean paintings from dirt, grime, nicotine
Protect your art from hurricane damage

How to Shield Your Fine Art from Hurricane Damage

Here in the Sunshine State, we’re most vulnerable to hurricanes from June through November. Ideally, hurricane preparedness should begin off-season, with ample time to get ready. However, since August announces peak storm activity, you still have a window of opportunity to take action. Here’s a sequential guide for protecting your precious
Covid-19 and art

Protect Your Art in Times of Covid-19

COVID - 19 AND ART: A Meditation on Preservation and a Footnote on Creation Overview Covid-19 presents unique challenges to art collection maintenance. The frontal assault on the virus incorporates aggressive cleaning and sanitizing. People are monitored and are encouraged to work at home as much as possible. Surfaces are
Qualified Art conservators

How To Know Whether An Art Conservator Is Qualified

Finding a qualified art conservator to care for your beloved art pieces can be a nerve-wracking experience. Anyone can claim to be able to conserve artworks, yet putting your artwork in the wrong hands can have serious consequences. Since the art conservation field is so unregulated, collectors must do their
Salvage your art from floodings

How To Revive Your Art After a Flood or Fire

In the aftermath of a flood or fire, surveying the impact to your collection can evoke deep despair. You may think there’s no way it can be salvaged, much less restored. Wait — don’t resign yourself to the loss of your treasures!  At Stella Art Conservation, we highly recommend you call
Art galleries

Art Market Update: Summer 2019

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that the marketplace for modern art has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. Well-heeled collectors continue to spend billions of dollars on pieces both famous and obscure each and every year. Consequently, collectible art holds great financial promise for connoisseurs and casual