Wall Painting Conservation

Wall Painting Conservation

At Stella Art Conservation we provide on-site art conservation and restoration of wall paintings, frescos, and beaux-arts temperas. 


Wall paintings are an important record of our artistic and cultural value and their conservation requires an interdisciplinary approach. A great number of factors need to be taken into consideration during the restoration of wall paintings, such as their aesthetic value, their physical unity with the architecture, as well as their level of deterioration, to name but a few factors.

Wall paintings form a record of artistic, cultural, and intellectual developments that witness the magnitude of their historical significance.

Walls can talk… the creativity of wall paintings often express the poem of life.

Media: fresco, secco, oil, watercolor, acrylic and tempera

Support: wall, stucco, plaster, canvas, paper, metal.

Helping You Preserve The Beauty Of Your Authentic Wall Painting

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