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Barbara's technical expertise and professional knowledge are exceptional. We use Stella Art Conservation frequently for both high-end, museum-level works of art as well as for works by contemporary and lesser known artists. In addition, she and her staff are delightful people to work with.
Barbara at Stella Art Conservation is absolutely the best at what she does. I have had more than a dozen oil paintings restored with her company with cleanings, repairs and revarnishing. The result has been a special collection of paintings. They seem to be able to solve all problems! First Class.
John C.
ART Collector
Barbara is a fantastic restorer and also a fantastic lady. She took a painting of mine that I feared was beyond hope and made it look almost flawless. If you have a work of art that is important to you and that needs attention, do yourself a favor and do not take it to anyone else.
Alfonso L.
We are very fortunate to have a superior conservator in West Palm Beach. Barbara Stella and her team have cleaned and restored many paintings for my clients and myself. I have sent her Old Masters to Contemporary paintings and have had excellent results every time. I highly recommend Barbara and her team.
Being an Antique Dealer and working with pieces of high quality and value, it is not always easy to find a professional conservator restorer. Having worked with Barbara, I can say that her knowledge and expertise is very impressive. She respects each piece knowing how far to go and which technique to use.​
Barbara Stella is a consummate professional in art conservation and restoration. She is detailed and talented, and has an impressive knowledge and conservation skills. She has restored two large contemporary paintings from my art collection.
Art Collector
I entrusted Barbara and her team with a family heirloom...a painting from 1893. The painting was seriously distressed-tears, holes, buckling canvas, one hundred twenty-five (+) years of dirt, and more than fifty years exposure to cigarette smoke. To say that the outcome exceeded my expectation is an understatement. Barbara is a true master of restoration, and what she achieved with meticulous dedication to her craft is nothing short of astounding. The painting is positively transformed-its true beauty having been hidden for far more than the twenty-five years it’s been in my possession. If you have a piece in need of restoration this is the place to bring it. Not only will your personal treasure be in the skilled hands of absolute experts, you won’t find a more professional, or lovelier, team of people with whom to work. Thank you Stella Art Conservation.
We engaged the services of Barbara Stella of Stella Art Conservation a few years ago to restore a fairly large and very detailed piece of fine art that was at least 70 years old. Barbara came to our home and you could sense immediately the warm feeling and sincere desire from her to update and repair the picture. She carefully transported it to her studio and upon completing her highly skilled work, she personally returned the painting to our condominium. We could not believe what had been accomplished. It would be an understatement to claim that we were ecstatic with the results.
Mike & Sue W.
Art Collectors
I discovered Stella Art Conservation on-line when, after moving across the country, a variety of treasured art pieces suffered great damage. Among the casualties, a cherished sculptural relief broken into many pieces, an oil painting with several holes in it, and two Tang Dynasty sculptures broken. Collectively this was like an Iron Man completion in art restoration. Well, guess what, no one will ever know what happened. Barbara masterfully rose to the occasion and restored everything!!! How lucky was I that someone of Barbara’s sophistication and talent is at my disposal. Another thing, she and her colleagues are a delight to work with.
Barbara Stella is an incredible art conservator and restoration specialist. Her extensive professional knowledge and experience allows for the best strategy, techniques and process to bring paintings back to life. My recently purchased 40+ year old Pat Lipsky museum quality painting had not been maintained or cared for very well. Her meticulous attention to the cleaning and the restoration details created a stunning transformation of the piece. It now looks perfect and brand new. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome she achieved. I would never use anyone else for my private art collection. She and her team were a pleasure to work with.
Edward C.
Art Collector
I had incredible damage to several fine art pieces which were totaled while in storage. Think Humpty Dumpty and all the king's horses and men couldn't put Humpty together again. Problem was they did not know Barbara Stella because Humpty could be put back together if they used Barbara! Stella Art Conservation's work is fantastic and amazing!!! I cannot stress enough that should you need fine art restoration, there is no other place to go but to Barbara. I only wish I could publish "before and after" pictures because you would agree with me how intricate the jobs were and how outstanding her work is. BRAVO BARBARA STELLA AND STELLA ART CONSERVATION!!!! Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy you have made me!!!
Barbara Stella did a superb job cleaning and restoring three separate pieces for me that had been damaged by construction dust. Her whole team was a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Erik G.
Fantastic, top notch professional. Have used her on several occasions.
I sent a museum quality late 18th C - early 19thC Austrian hand fan made of elephant ivory blades adorned with bezel set gemstones and a hand painted peacock to Stella Art Conservation for repairs. The piece developed significant mold and mildew stains, its gemstones and their mountings appeared as if they had never been cleaned, and Its original ribbon that held the piece together had been compromised. When the piece was received by Stella Art Conservation I was contacted right away by Sandra Stella to discuss the damage and repairs. Sandra was very professional, very nice. I decided to send the fan to them for examination and a price quote. After the piece was received Sandra promptly got in touch with me to discuss the repairs and she followed up with a written detailed price quote. I was quoted a very reasonable price for the repairs. The work was completed on time. I received the fan back yesterday and I am absolutely blown away by how fantastic the piece turned out ! Barbara, the Chief Conservator, and her team successfully removed all of the mold/mildew stains without removing the ivory's antique patina. The gemstones' mountings were cleaned to perfection without removing the metal's antique patina. The gemstones are perfectly clean and have no damage at all. Even the original ribbon was saved and tightened to perfection. I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief how perfect the piece looks and it retains all of its originality and antique value. I highly recommend Stella Art Conservation.
Valerie P.
Just amazing how Stella Art Conservation took my damaged oil painting and brought it back to life. Professional , service with a smile, friendly, and talented. Last but not least, fairly priced.
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