About our Art Conservators

Our Art Conservators possess a deep understanding of the evolution of our profession and all art restoration and art conservation techniques. They underwent complex training in areas of expertise that demand cultural knowledge, total control of artistic mastery, intervention, fine art conservation, as well as needing to remain continually updated on new techniques. 

Our Story

Stella art Conservation LLC. was born in Italy in the heart of a little girl, Barbara Stella, who was so passionate about art that she felt she had an important mission: make sure we preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

Many years later, hundreds of paintings have returned to their original glory and tell the stories of those who created them.

Now at Stella Art Conservation there is a team of Art Conservators that share this same passion. They are characterized by their artistic and critical sensitivity and their desire to respect the artists’ original intention. They hold a balance between manual ability and scientific rigor, together with the enthusiasm of a person who takes on art restoration and conservation as a mission for life.

Over the years Stella Art Conservation gained reputation and international recognition and we were featured in various national and European magazines and newspapers including The Luxe Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, La Nuova Ferrara, La Voce, Il Resto del Carlino, among others. Our Art Conservators have taught several courses and held talks at numerous international conferences.


Our Promise

At Stella Art Conservation we are dedicated to offering exceptionally high service quality. We guarantee transparent communication with clients, and our employees are highly trained to answer all questions, provide advice, and remove possible doubts.