Preventive Conservation, Collection Advice & Maintenance

Preventive Art Conservation, Collection Advice & Maintenance

Stella Art Conservation provides preventive art conservation and collection advice and maintenance to empower you to properly maintain your artworks and prevent damage.


Preserving treasures for future generations begins with correct day-to-day maintenance efforts. Our goal is to offer the necessary information and technical expertise to empower you to properly maintain your artworks and prevent further damage by ensuring proper:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Storage
  • Packing and handling
  • Transport
  • Pest management
  • Emergency preparedness and response.

Preventive conservation is an ongoing process that, if correctly executed, it can prolong the original conditions of your artwork. It is a cost-effective method for the preservation of collections.

We can help you put into application the correct preventive conservation procedures to ensure the safeguard of your artwork under your custody.

Preventive conservation can extend the life of your artwork considerably. It can mitigate the deterioration and any potential damage to your collections through the formulation and implementation of procedures and best practices aimed at ensuring the appropriate environmental conditions, the right way to transport, handle and store your treasures, as well as integrated pest management, emergency preparedness and response and other preventive measures.

With preventive conservation you could potentially avoid needing interventive conservation or, after a restoration, it can help maximize the impact of the conservation work done to it.

At Stella Art Conservation we are dedicated to art and we can offer advice and recommendation to help you develop the right process to:

  • Prepare for travels
  • Create a safe environment in your home
  • Ensure the right storage
  • Monitor and update the value of your art collection

Our art conservators use their developed technological know-how and industry best practices such as the methodologies approved by the American Institute of Conservation and by the European Institution of Preservation of Artistic and Historical Works. They are dedicated to offering exceptionally high service quality and are highly trained to answer all questions of our clients, provide advice, and remove potential doubts. 

Our primary goal is to provide high-quality services and an outstanding client experience.

Caring for your artworks does require a certain level of know-how: Consult an art conservator to ensure you follow the correct best practices to ensure the correct maintenance of your art collection.


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