Condition Reports

Know your artwork: Condition reports  

We prepare condition reports and provide thorough examinations of your artworks to assess the health of your treasure, uncover damages, identify previous restorations, discover potential issues, or to submit to your insurance company.


Condition reports are the foundations of any collection care program. They explain the physical health of your artworks and are a pivotal instrument in keeping track of their changing condition. You will need a conditions report if you need to appraise the value of your treasures and it will be necessary to help you cover liability for damaged work. 

After a thorough examination of your artwork, Stella Art Conservation prepares a condition report that outlines the overall condition of the artwork, combined with detailed photographic documentation as well as technical examinations, material analysis (upon request), and more. This report is an essential tool when evaluating the state of an artwork or to be able to identify any subsequent deterioration or damage.

The examination of your artwork is performed in our laboratory using state-of-the art technology. In some cases, it is also possible to do on-site examinations.

Every painting in a collection should have a condition report and should be inspected on a regular basis.

The purpose of these examinations is to detect any possible deterioration in the condition of an artwork. Minor changes are documented for future reference. In case of major changes, our art conservators will prepare a treatment protocol to highlight the procedures necessary to bring the artwork back to its original beauty.

In addition to condition reports, we also prepare photographic documentation that records the condition of an artwork and can be used at a later date to assess whether damage occurred or progressed. Photographic documentation is very important, particularly when examining modern paintings, as artists could have used specific techniques that can be mistaken for potential damage, f.ex. exposure of raw canvas.  


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