NFT & ART: What Creators and Collectors Need to Know
The latest sensation to hit the art world in decades isn’t an […]
How To Save Your Art From Mold
Learn important tips from Art Conservators about preventing mold damage on paintings and other artworks. Whether you are an art lover, a seasoned investor, or a museum curator, knowing how to protect your art from mold is of crucial importance, especially if you live in a humid environment such as South Florida.
How an Art Conservator Cleans Paintings: Technologies and Modalities.
Art Conservators are highly trained professionals who use chemistry and artistic mastery to bring paintings back to their original glory. In this video, you will learn how art conservators clean paintings from dirt, grime, nicotine and more, using traditional and new technologies.
How to Shield Your Fine Art from Hurricane Damage
Here in the Sunshine State, we're most vulnerable to hurricanes from June through November. Ideally, hurricane preparedness should begin off-season, with ample time to get ready. However, since August announces peak storm activity, you still have a window of opportunity to take action. Here's a sequential guide for protecting your precious artwork.
Protect Your Art in Times of Covid-19
Covid-19 presents unique challenges to art collection maintenance. The frontal assault on the virus incorporates aggressive cleaning and sanitizing. People are encouraged to work at home. Surfaces are aggressively treated with disinfectant. These actions are done in good intent, but they present a problem for art collections and preservation. So, faced with this new reality, the main question is: How can we disinfect surfaces near precious art pieces, and even the artworks themselves, without damaging the piece? Learn here