Fine Art Insurance Claims

Art Insurance Claims

Let us help you with your fine art insurance claims. Our team of experts is specialized in assessing the condition and damage of your artwork and prepares the mandatory documentation for your art insurance claim.


Accidents do happen, and they can have serious consequences on the value of your artwork. When this happens, fine art insurances are your allies to help you recover the worth of your treasures and ensure your artwork is restored back to its original glory.

If your artwork has been damaged, our expert team of conservators can assess its current condition and prepare the mandatory documentation for art insurance claims, such as condition reports and treatment protocols.   

By employing our knowledge, latest techniques, proven methodologies, and quality materials in performing conservation and restoration services, our team can offer the following services:

When an artwork has been damaged, it is critically important to evaluate the extent of the damage as quickly and as accurately as possible. Art conservators need to assess the nature and extent of the damage, since claims will vary depending on these factors, and on the recoverable measures of damages.

Once the Art Insurance authorizes the conservation of the damaged artwork, our expert team of conservators have the right skills and experience to handle and treat the artwork in the safest way possible to mitigate the damage, and very importantly, to bring the artwork back to its original beauty.

We are honored to be known for having expert art conservators with superior knowledge in traditional as well as innovative fine art conservation techniques, capable of restoring highly damaged artwork while preserving the artist’s original intention.

At Stella Art Conservation we strictly adhere to the code of ethics outlined by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and by the European Institution of Preservation of Artistic and Historical Works.

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