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Art Conservation of Sculptures & Artifacts

At Stella Art Conservation we provide artwork restoration for indoor sculptures, objects and artifacts such as fine and decorative art objects; wooden artifacts; archaeological,ethnographic, and historical artifacts; and contemporary artworks.


As with paintings and other artworks, at Stella Art conservation we make sure sculptures and objects preserve their aesthetic value as well as their cultural significance. Our extensive knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques enables us to ensure the artworks are brought to their original state and determine the best art conservation treatments for your collection.

Sculptures and artifacts can be damaged by a multitude of factors:

  • Decay and conservation problems are often the results of the reactions of sculptures and artifacts with their environment, such as inclement weather, erosion, repeated wetting and drying, changes in temperatures, and humidity.
  • Wood sculptures can be severely damaged by pest infestation and need to be treated with products that will not cause any further damage.
  • Damage can also be occurred by poor transportation, installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Sculptures and artifacts also need to be periodically cleaned with non-aggressive solutions that could cause potential issues.

At Stella Art Conservation we are proud to have brought back to their original glory a large variety of sculptures and artifacts. We have carried out conservation works for museums, art galleries, art dealers, and other institutional clients as well as private collectors.

What we do...

First of all, we proceed with a thorough inspection and analysis of the artworks using state-of-the-art equipment. This examination provides us with a detailed record of decay and it gives us a clearer idea of the extent of the damage. We then prepare a treatment protocol to submit to our client for approval.

Our team uses its skilled knowledge and extreme care to bring your artwork to its original state, honoring the artist’s intention. Our museum-quality restoration services use minimally invasive procedures.

We do conservation and restoration of artworks made of terracotta, stone, metal, plaster, wood, ivory, ceramic, and other materials.

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