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About our Services

We offer conservation and restoration of ancient, traditional, modern, and contemporary paintings, providing skilled treatment on paintings from all artistic genres and periods, from Byzantine to contemporary age. The services can be performed on canvas, traditional panel paintings, contemporary paintings, icons, non-western paintings, portrait miniatures, reverse glass paintings, paintings with large dimensions, and others.

We also offer on-site services for wall paintings, frescos, and beaux arts temperas. In addition, we provide services for various indoor sculptures and objects such as fine and decorative art objects; wooden artifacts; archaeological, ethnographic, and historical artifacts; and contemporary artworks. We do conservation and restoration of artworks made of terracotta, stone, metal, plaster, wood, ivory, glass, ceramic, and other materials. We provide disaster recovery services for art collections requiring treatment in response to fire, water mold, wind, and accidental damage.

In addition, we offer examination of artworks, with a conditions report that outlines the overall condition combined with detailed photographic documentation as well as technical examinations, material analysis, and more. We also work with art insurances and we provide preventive conservation and collection advice and maintenance.

How We Work

We first examine the artwork and conduct research to gather as much information about the artwork itself, the style, techniques, and materials used. Then we assess the project scope and time-to-completion as well as the necessary methodologies, techniques, storage conditions, equipment, tools, and materials to be used. We then create all necessary documentation including a project proposal. Upon the client’s approval, the item is placed in our modern and highly secure laboratory where our experienced employees proceed with various conservation or restoration steps according to the defined treatment protocol, using only reversible and non-invasive techniques and honoring the artist’s original intent. We document each phase of the project. Finally, we present the restored artwork to our clients and inform them about optimal storage practices.

We provide museum quality conservation and continuously work to achieve perfection.