Disaster Response Artworks

Disaster Response to Save your Artwork

Stella Art Conservation provides disaster recovery services for art collections requiring treatment in response to fire, water mold, wind, and accidental damage to minimize loss and respond most effectively.


Disaster recovery and preparedness are key to protect and save your treasures.

Following a natural or man-made disaster, our team of art conservators are available to go to the scene quickly to analyze the extent of the damage, safeguard and stabilize artworks before any further damage is inflicted, and to develop the suitable treatment plan.

Whether the threat was caused by fire or water, disaster recovery must be done in a timely manner in order to prevent further damage. Artworks that have been in contact with water or exposed to smoke can further deteriorate as dirt and soot can become embedded in the surfaces of your artifact or in the fibers of the canvases.

Our team uses its skilled knowledge and extreme care to bring your artwork to its original state, honoring the artist’s intention. Our museum-quality restoration services use minimally invasive procedures, in line with the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. We always make sure we attain the highest possible standards in all aspects of art conservation.

At Stella Art Conservation, we work directly with insurance adjusters to assess and restore your treasures after a disaster or an accident and to submit all the proper documentation requested for your claim.

Disaster recovery begins with protection. Protect your collection now: Be prepared in case of an emergency. Learn how to protect your art from hurricane damage now. 


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